Little Things

I’ve noticed that the real world is filled with more “little things” to be a happy about than college was. Maybe it’s because I live in the chaotic environment of a city (a great city, at that), but pleasant surprises seem to pop up everywhere. So far, this weekend has been full of them, and I thought I’d share some to remind everyone to appreciate the “small stuff”. I’m so freakin’ literary.

– Finding a great new brunch place near my apartment and enjoying an incredible meal there with my mom

– Simply spending time with my mom

– Finally replacing the twin size duvet on my bed from my extra long twin bed in college with a full size duvet that actually fits my full size bed

– Hearing my cab driver say, “You just met him tonight? In my country, we would never treat a woman like that,” then having and in-depth conversation with him about the crap my generation puts up with in regards to dating

– French-pressed coffee

– Being greeted by a Goldendoodle in the breezeway of my apartment building on my way out. I want ALL THE DOG KISSES

– A less-than-crowded Trader Joe’s. Shopping for amazingness without being rammed by dozens of carts and baskets? Yes, please.

– Getting more dog kisses while waiting for the crosswalk signal


Remember to enjoy the little things!



What are some little things that you’ve enjoyed recently?




5 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. On the bandwagon w/U and French Press – I bought my first FP coffee pot and can’t wait to begin to home brew – PS, your interest in it spurred me to check it out – THX, GLO

  2. Let’s be honest, the best “little thing ” you are happy about is a) seeing me (duh) and b) not just because I’m the coolest person you know but I Give you money. Hahah love love xoxo

    1. Haha seeing you does make me happy! I love our lunches and movie dates 🙂 And yes you are my own personal ATM sometimes…but when this blog gets famous, I’m paying you back!

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