Twenty Something Problem: Are You Watching the Right TV Shows?

Let’s be real, you probably are, because if there’s one thing twenty somethings are good at, it’s choosing quality TV shows to watch. But I recently met someone who hadn’t seen How I Met Your Mother or Breaking Bad, and I was deeply concerned. Excuse me while I go text him and tell him to start watching Breaking Bad immediately. In the meantime, I’m going to profess my love for my favorite TV shows by demonstrating my reaction to people who don’t share the same love, Buzzfeed style, because everyone loves a good meme.

When someone tells me they don’t watch How I Met Your Mother :

friendship over

When I try to convince someone to watch Breaking Bad :

Yeah! Science!

When my dad told me he didn’t think Modern Family was funny:

baby cheeses

When someone informs me they don’t think Schmidt from New Girl is that great:

youths, schmidt

When someone doesn’t share my love for Mindy Kaling and The Mindy Project :

Mindy Project

When someone tells me they think Girls is too weird to watch and I try to convince them to watch it anyways:

jessa quote

(P.S. Does anyone else think Lena Dunham is extraordinarily talented in gazillions of ways?)

When no one understands why I still watch Ugly Betty reruns:

amanda ugly betty

When someone tells me I love Gilmore Girls too much:

the house is going through a tunnel

When someone doesn’t understand the show Dance Moms:

abby is angry

When someone doesn’t think 2 Broke Girls is funny:

i'm not a fan of hearing what other people have to say

And that’s my opinion on THAT. Now, go decide what you’re going to watch on Netflix or Hulu when you get home from work, or class, or whatever you’re currently doing with you life.


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