Monday Inspiration

It’s been a rough morning, but my fans (friends/coworkers/family members) have voiced their concerns about my lack of posting lately, so I figured at least a small dose of inspiration would help us all on this chilly day. It’s mostly in the form of what’s on my scattered mind, but a post is a post. Challenge accepted.


friends quote

I got some good octopuses indeed:

me, laur, candace silly

That’s me on the right, gazing lovingly at my beautiful friends.


Trader Joe’s prepared salads are taking over my life, but I am TRYING to get back onto my cooking grind. I’m starting simple, so these are the recipes I plan on conquering this weekend:

I’ve been eating sugar like my life depends on it lately, so these cookies looked like a healthy way to ease myself out of the month-long sugar fest of ’14.

coconut banana choc chip cookies

Is this “cooking”? Hey man, it requires more effort than opening a plastic container, so I say yes, yes it is.


Saturday and Sunday mornings are reserved for Dunkin/ Starbucks/ brunch at a restaurant with my friends, but these homemade breakfast sandwiches intrigue me. Plus, I love me some prosciutto. Totes adding arugula to this because prosciutto and arugula is one of the best savory combos ever.


Weekend Lessons

1. Brunch at this place. Always brunch.

2. Uber charges you $10 if you cancel a ride more than 5 minutes after they assign you a driver. Good to know. Very, very, VERY good to know.

3. Peet’s Coffee has the best lattes in all the land. That may or may not be an exaggeration, but they trump Starbucks in my opinion. And I can get me my almond milk lattes, which I did on Saturday during my short trek to Newton Centre to get mah hair did.


4. Nothing quite beats the catharsis of cutting off 6 inches of hair.

hair cut

Miley Cyrus and I don’t like to make attractive faces in photos, ok?

5. Thanks to Netflix FINALLY airing the second half of season 5, I finished the Breaking Bad series finale last night. Lesson learned? That show is incredible from start to finish. And that a television series can indeed elicit real emotional reactions, if done properly.

walt and jesse

Love these two


I’ll leave y’all with this inspiring truth that I have always lived by:


Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂


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