Unrealistic. #ThingsIThinkAboutAtWork

Can we just talk about the following picture for a second?


You know, the vanity in a teenager’s room that includes her own personal nail salon on the right? I love Pottery Barn Teen — I own one of their duvets and I’m rather happy with it — but come on. What are you trying to do, convince me to buy a vanity that will go well with my collection of every single bottle of Essie known to man? Most of us don’t own 500 bottles of nail polish. Blake Lively doesn’t own that much nail polish. It looks beautiful, but, for lack of a better word, it’s ridiculous. What happened to the simple Golden retriever on the bed accessory? I think a teenage girl needs a dog more than she needs a MiniLuxe in her bedroom. Just sayin’.

Aaaand back to the crazy world of Audit. I hope you enjoyed my post-coffee pre-lunch rant.


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