monday morning inspiration

It was so exciting to wake up to snow this morning. That was different. Ha. I hate to be that like, adult (ew) who hates snow rather than appreciates the quieting beauty of it, but on a Monday morning after a bad night’s sleep, I am that woman–for the morning, at least. However, we did enjoy some incredible weather this past weekend. Sun and temperatures in the low 50’s were such a treat in the middle of this brutal winter. It was 100% a chill, chore-filled weekend for me. I cleaned, threw out approximately 200 pieces of junk mail, finally put away the laundry I did last weekend (#lazy), grocery shopped, and, drum roll please, I went to the gym! I literally hadn’t gone in a month. And yes, I did pay for my membership during that month. I make good decisions. It was a good thing I worked out because I ate ALL THE FOOD this weekend.

My fun included jumping up and down and screaming, in my head, when one of my best friends texted me late at night to tell me she got into Harvard! Hopefully she’ll  go and get herself out of Pittsburgh and into my city! Either way, CONGRATS, Christiana! You are so deserving of such an accomplishment.

I also full on binge-watched Parks and Recreation for a good portion of the weekend. I have come to the conclusion that Aziz Ansari makes the world a happier place. I would date him so hard. Think of how defined your abs would be from the constant laughing. This is definitely one of my better ideas. On that note, happy Monday!

Choose Happiness

latte art 1

breakfast food parks

hello march

you're never too old

my fortune

One of my better fortunes lately

wake up and live

I am perfect exactly as I am

keep calm and pretend it's not monday


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