Things I’m Picky About

picky  girl

Of the words used to describe me, the most common I’ve heard are: cute, whiny, sensitive, creative, quirky, funny, friendly, and picky. Being picky, well, that can be a good quality to an extent. However, if one becomes too picky, it presents a problem. I have experienced that problem my entire life. Yet, I do feel that everyone should reserve a certain amount of choosiness in regards to certain aspects of their own lives. Our twenties don’t require too much of it, but I have compiled a list of what I’m picky about, noting with a * the items that I believe everyone should place in the “I’m picky about this” category of their minds.

1. Coffee*

Don’t expect me to enjoy anything but Espresso, Italian, or French Roast. And French pressed will always be better than regular brewed. And Peet’s wins.

2. Alcohol*

Vodka or rum. No tequila, no whiskey. I’ve never tried Scotch. Robin Scherbatsky drinks scotch. I should probably try scotch.

3. Shoes that make me taller*

They’re essential to my life, but they MUST be comfortable. I will no walk around the city like a wounded antelope. I refuse.

4. Orange juice

This is a weird  thing, I think. I only like really pure orange juice, like Simply Orange or freshly pressed juice that you get at nice restaurants. I can’t do Tropicana. I just can’t.

5. Sandwiches*

A really good quality sandwich is orgasmic. But a cheap, thrown together, low quality one? It’s like eating garbage.

6. Burgers

On a similar note, I can only eat really high quality burgers. I mean, not only do they taste better, but physically my stomach can’t process whatever beef they use at McDonald’s or Taco Bell. What a sad life I live.

7. Nail Polish

Weird thing. It must cost more than $8. I literally don’t know why. My one exception is this bottle in Smokin.

8. Men*

Well, duh. Everyone should be picky about this. Maybe not to the extent that I am, but settling has never been “in.” Have your standards, embrace them, and honor them.

9. Friends*

I’m super friendly, which means I’m personable and pleasant to pretty much everyone. However, I won’t hang with just anyone. If you want to hang with me, you have to be genuine, funny, and I honestly just need t0 get that indescribable feeling you get when you meet someone you know you want to spend time with. And of course, we must like some of the same things and be able to make fun of the same things in a light, non-insulting way.

Admittedly, I need to be less picky. I’m fully aware of that. I’m probably missing out on some great life experiences by reserving myself for certain clubs of food, men, and anything else I deem “not worth it.” After all, my twenties is my time to make most of my mistakes before I “settle down.” (Ew. The thought of settling down makes me nauseous.) Still, like everything else in life, we need to think of it in a balanced way. Life is too short to spend time with people we don’t like, or eat food we don’t enjoy. Keep an open mind where you think it’s worth it, and own your pickiness that makes you who you are.

IN THE COMMENTS: What are you picky about?


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Picky About

  1. Well, you know, there are some things that you cannot be “picky” about — like relatives. But, I do think you lucked out there.


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