Monday morning inspiration

Not to totally bring you down on a Monday morning, but I had a boring, crappy weekend. Not crappy like I got robbed and fell in dog poop, but crappy like I was just in a funk all weekend and didn’t go out. On the plus side, I maintained a crazy high level of productivity, deeming my weekend “not bad.” Let’s just say that my entire apartment, including our fridge, is cleaner and more organized. And I built a shoe rack. I love building things. Aaaand thanks to said shoe rack, our boots now have a home, and the coat closet door can now physically shut without the remnants of a boot explosion blocking its way.

coat closet

You don’t care about any of this, unless you’re my mom and my best friend who doesn’t live me. For you two, you might also find it interesting that I finally bought some fresh fruit!

Ok, now, look at these pictures and get inspired for your week. Friday is only five days a way 🙂 Did I just make it worse? Whoops. Let me make it up to you:

adventures jar

David Bowie quote

cookie monster

when my favorite song comes on

coconut ice cream sandwiches

don't grow up it's a trap

coffee mason jar


Pooh and Piglet

bro words

fly like a G6

wake up and be awesome

life begins when the season starts

your tea

stay weird

I like it when good unexpected things happen

Have a spectacular Monday! And by that I mean try not to fall asleep face-down on your desk, in your ballet class, lab, campus library, courtroom, plane, or any other working/ learning station.


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