Twenties Bucket List

santorini, Greece

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, I can’t wait until I’m in my thirties since I graduated college. From procuring an apartment, to finding a job as a Creative Writing graduate from a liberal arts college in the worst economy since the Great Depression, to trying to navigate the casual dating world as woman in a sea of boys, I’ve realized that this time of my life is the toughest yet. If I went back to high school, where I danced three hours a day, six days a week, constantly getting yelled at by a Venezuelan ballet teacher who cranked my hips outwards in a painful manner daily, and did homework in every free moment I had, I’d think I had it easy. That being said, I know that I’m in the most “free” stage of my life, which means I have the freedom to make my life what I want it to be. Sure, if I had it my way, right now, I’d be living in New York City with a job as a Features Editor at InStyle. I’d spend my days editing and sitting in cafés and dark restaurants, interviewing people like Sarah Jessica Parker, Lena Dunham, and Shailene Woodley. I have a feeling that Lena Dunham and I would really hit it off. I’d have a cute one bedroom apartment in East Village that would be spotless and well-decorated. I’d have different boys taking me out on dates to amazing restaurants, because they’d all magically be foodies, and I’d like them but wouldn’t cultivate strong feelings for any of them. I’d be like Samantha in Sex and the City, not burdened with common female emotions until I’m thirty and I meet a man who knew how to treat me. That is of course when we’d get married, move into a two-bedroom condo in Boston with our Tibetan Terrier, where I’d work from home writing and editing, occasionally jetting off to L.A. to do another Jennifer Lawrence interview, Nashville where I’d complete Taylor Swift’s fifth cover (she’d invite me to her Nashville condo where she’d make me chocolate chip cookies and I’d join her on a spontaneous acoustic version of I Knew You Were Trouble in her living room), and New York to visit the office and interview Dakota Fanning or something. We’d have a girl whom my mom could spoil with Crew Cuts outfits, and a boy whom my dad could endlessly lecture about Ted Williams and Jacoby Ellsbury, then take him to a Red Sox game and buy him a hot dog (I’d go too, of course, and make my dad buy me a soft pretzel and a frozen lemonade for old time’s sake).

Yup, I’ve got it all figured out at 24. Of course, ten years ago, my desired future looked like this: I’d be living in Boston’s South End, employed as a Second Soloist at Boston Ballet.

That was it. That was all I wanted. In fifth grade, I wanted to be an author. I wanted to sit at home all day writing novels. I still definitely want to get a novel published someday, but seriously, ten year-old Molly, you wanted be at home by yourself all day, your only company being fictional characters you created?

Where am I even going with this rant? Oh, that’s right: the present. I’ve spent far too much time planning out my future as though I were writing out a narrative arch for a novel or something. As cool as it would be for my life to be a novel written by me, it’s not. I tend to focus way too much on end results, rather than the process of getting there. If I want to live a life in which I regret as little as possible, I need to, well, live.

So, yes, I’d love to have a job where I could talk to people, write, and edit all day. I’d love to find the perfect guy who made me happy, not frustrated. I’d love to have an apartment that lifestyle blogs feature in one of their series. But now is not the time for those things. Now is the time to do what I won’t be able to do in ten years. I came up with a list of things I want to do right now in this crazy, free, nauseating time of my life:

1. Wear funky lipstick

coral lips                                 revlon coralberry

schiap lipstick                                 schiap lips



When else can I pull it off? I bought this lipstick in “coralberry” the other day and love it. I’m 100% buying this color ASAP too.

2. Go to California


I’ve never been! I planned a trip with one of my best friends who is from San Diego, and one of my roommates is from just outside San Francisco, so I have options 🙂

3. Go on a road trip to South Carolina with my girlfriends


girls in car

For some reason, all of my favorite books have taken place in Charleston, so obviously I need to go there ASAP, in a car, with my loud and hysterical friends. And I have this unexplained obsession with the South in general, so, there’s that.

4. Spend more time with my family

My mom, dad, and dog are three of the most important beings in my life. I want to go Flour for sugar brioches with my mom, watch Red Sox games with my dad, and snuggle with my sweet dog as much as I can while I have time to do so.

5. Do a juice cleanse

larry cleanse

I can probably do this later in life, but I’ve always wanted to try one and I’m getting impatient. This one looks pretty tempting.

6. Hit up the gym more

I won’t be able to make it there when I have two screaming toddlers to deal with, or whatever happens when you get married and have kids

7. Go on many dates

Another thing you can’t really do when you settle down with a family. Whether it’s a husband or three dogs I settle down with, it will be inappropriate/ inconvenient to do so. But only with witty guys. Good lord, if you’re not witty, please get away from me.

8. Buy all the clothes

kardashian closet

I’ll never look as good in my clothes as I do now. Plus, I don’t have a family to support, to I can spend my money how I wanna.

9. Go out to eat more

5 napkin burger

Why haven’t I been taking advantage of my young, high metabolism and lack of financial responsibilities the whole time I’ve lived in the city? This needs to start happening.

10. Visit some place exotic

flowers santorini

I’ve had my eye on Santorini, Greece for quite some time now. Grecian men get at me.

Well, there you have it: a sample of my current bucket list. I left out small goals like mastering beer pong and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. Thankfully, I have another 6 years to get through it. Totally doable. Especially if I win the lottery. What? No. I’m doing all of this. And you should do everything on your current bucket list before it’s too late. Live. It. Up.



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