Monday Morning Inspiration

I had every intention of exuding productivity this weekend. The plan was the spend it trying out new recipes and planning  how to decorate my living room.

And then it rained.

I can’t put into words how much rain debilitates me. It gives me terrible fatigue. The overall gloominess sucks me dry of even the smallest speck of motivation. And the humidity turns my hair into a mass of tangled, frizzy curls. When it rains, it takes every ounce of strength I have to force myself out of bed. And when I have nowhere to go, in bed I stay. I left the apartment briefly for these activities: On Saturday I had brunch with some friends, perused Paper Source, and did some grocery shopping. On Sunday, I went next door to grab a sandwich. And that’s it.

I’m crossing my fingers for this week. We need even a slight uptake in sun and warmth. And with that slice of hope, here is some more positivity that will hopefully make your Monday a little less, well, Monday.


no rain no rainbow

woman and stars

imperfection is beauty

cinnamon bun

gingerbread man coffee

worry is a misuse

Have a spectacular Monday!


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