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This week, I’m feeling really positive. Too positive for me, really. I’m kind of a cynic. I probably shouldn’t even have my own blog. But it’s ok, because sometimes my friends are bored at work and like to read what I write — so, this is continuing. I’m on kind of a spring high right now where I’m itching to pull out my spring wardrobe and anticipating the beginning of my “iced coffee season.” Currently, here are the things the real world has presented me with that make me happy. And no, the Boston public transit system isn’t on the list. Shocking, I know.

Flowers Everywhere!

I took Friday off and spent the weekend at my parents’ house. My mom likes to put a vase of fresh flowers in almost every room of the house, so of course, flowers on top of flowers greeted me when I got home (after my dog greeted me by jumping on me and knocking me to the ground. Man, I love her).

Yes, my mom puts fresh flowers in the bathrooms.

Yes, my mom puts fresh flowers in the bathrooms.

Matching my work materials to the daffodils was unintentional.

Matching my work materials to the daffodils was unintentional.

I of course needed to pick up some flowers when I got back to my apartment to make my kitchen look all homey.

My attempt at making my apartment look like my parents' house.

My attempt at making my apartment look like my parents’ house.

Free Meals

The other day I ordered lunch for my boss’s meeting from one of the best sandwich shops Downtown that I’ve always wanted to try, and she insisted I order something for myself. I ate this bad boy with a fork and knife:

Sam Lagrassa's monster sandwich

I also had a pretty decent salad and one of the best Red Velvet cupcakes I’ve had in a while at a meeting yesterday. Sometimes working in the corporate world has its advantages….


Speaking of which, I got a surprise delivery at my desk the other day: a trophy! I hadn’t received a trophy since sixth grade, when I placed third all-around at a regional competition, so I was pretty pumped. Oh, why did I receive a trophy at work? My company gives out awards to employees who go above and beyond. If you receive the top level of award, you get a trophy. It’s currently sitting at my desk making me look all official, and like I’ve worked here for longer than a year.



I’m slowly easing myself into cooking, which so far has meant avocado toast, yogurt bowls, and various spaghetti squash recipes. I really do enjoy cooking, and am trying to do it more often and extensively. The other night I had time to come home and whip up a healthy spaghetti squash dish with avocado, kale and roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes. I’m a sucker for healthy, hearty, and colorful dishes.

spaghetti squash dishavocado toast Gweneth Style


I took a big step earlier this week: I wore a floral dress instead of a sweater dress, a pea coat instead of a long parka, and Sperry’s instead of tall leather boots. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I can now step outside in the morning without my face feeling like it’s going freeze right off my body, and that makes me happy.

Hello April

I’m a Nerd

Now that busy season is over at work, I have time to organize my desk and color-code everything.

colored foldersNerdy Color Coding

So, that’s what’s making me happy with my life currently– and that’s just during the week. Weekends spent partying, brunching, and lounging with my friends, as well as cleaning, grocery shopping, gyming, and sleeping late take no effort to enjoy. No homework anymore, ya know what I mean?

I’ll leave you with some great links I came across online (mostly from other blogs):

Baked Eggs With Spinach, Ricotta, and Leeks

33 Unbelievable Places To Visit Before You Die

Vegan and Gluten Free Cookie Dough for One

Girl Crush: Rashida Jones

How Unhealthy Are You?  (I got Level 1 Unhealthy. Kinda disappointed by that, not gonna lie. I feel so unhuman.)







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