Monday Afternoon Inspiration

Sooooo I didn’t get to this last night. Or this morning. Work, man, ya know?

My weekends usually go like this: forcing myself to go out with my friends Friday night and wind up having a a good time, dragging ourselves to brunch and sitting at the restaurant for hours laughing, spending Saturday night binge-watching something on Netflix, and spending Sunday drinking French-pressed coffee, grocery shopping, cleaning obsessively, taking a long shower, and getting into bed at 6 pm to binge-watch some more TV. This weekend I deviated from my normal routine, and I must say I didn’t hate it.

I started off the weekend with dinner at Elephant & Castle with my best friends. We ordered a chipotle spinach and artichoke dip appetizer, beer, and burgers. But these burgers. They weren’t just any burgers. They were man burgers. With bacon. And Guinness barbecue sauce. And pickles. And some sort of chipotle aoili. It was one of those burgers that made me forget I was five feet tall and weighed ninety pounds so much so that practically the entire thing ended up in my stomach–with all the sweet potato fries.

ron i regret nothing

After we walked home from the train singing 90’s songs at the top of our lungs (like Brookline needed another reason to think my friends and I are crazy), we got ready and met some friends at Faneuil Hall. I’ve never been a fan of that particular area of Boston, but I’ve grown quite fond of Ned Devine’s, especially on a rainy night when it’s not too crowded  and my group of friends take up half of one section of the bar.

On Saturday I went home to celebrate my bothers’ birthdays. It was pun city with my brothers and dad. No complaints there. I also ate two plates of my mom’s short ribs and mashed potatoes because they were THAT GOOD. And apparently I’m a man.

I actually had them drive me back to the city so I could have a productive day on Sunday. Yea. About that. I slept until noon, did some grocery shopping, and then decided to the spend the rest of the day outside since it was so nice out. And then my friend called me asking if I wanted to go to the mall. So, there went that idea. Despite the fact that I am about $100 poorer and now in the possession of a beach coverup and two new beanies at the beginning of spring, it was one of the best Sunday afternoons EVER. We also decided to splurge on a dinner at P.F. Chang’s, complete with appetizers and cocktails. Why hate Sunday when you can celebrate it?

And now, here I am, exhausted from one of my usual sleepless Sunday nights, with a full day of work ahead of me. I think this week’s inspiration is more for me than anyone. I mean, what?

dog with pepp pizza

take me with you


some see a wish

french press


you had the power all along

Have a splendid Monday!


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