Monday Morning Inspiration

So work has been kicking my butt recently. Sadly, this leaves very little room in my brain for post ideas and very little time to actually write and post them. I started this blog thinking I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from posting every day, but then I got attacked by massive expense reports and, well, the rest is history. Bottom line: more thoughtful posts soon. I’ve been feeling inspired lately ūüôā

Luckily, despite the fact I had to do some work this weekend, I was able to leave it behind and have some too much tons of fun with my friends this past weekend, which was, um, GORGEOUS. Maybe it was a typical New England early spring warm weather tease, but I’ll take it for a few days.

Our weekend started on Thursday, when we hit up our favorite¬†brunch place down the street, Hops N Scotch, to grab a late¬†dinner and¬†catch the RED SOX YANKEES¬†GAME! I wasn’t sure how I felt about my “husband” (Jacoby Ellsbury) wearing pinstripes now and batting against my boys, but like¬†cummon. Dat face now.


I’ll always love him and respect his talent because damn, that man is as talented as he is attractive.

I enjoyed the game while eating an incredible bacon grilled cheese and tomato soup. seriously incredible. That and a Corona and lime was the perfect game meal.

Friday night, there was another game, and since my friends and I are kind of lazy, we went back to the same restaurant the watch the game. In my defense, we actually hit up another sports bar first, but the food at Hops and Scotch is so good, we couldn’t help ourselves. More Corona with lime and paying way too much attention to the game and way too little attention to what my friends were saying. Oh, and we all ordered these amazing sliders with pickles, BBQ sauce, and jalape√Īos. Gah. We wanted to call it an early night, but wound up at West End Johnnies, because sometimes that just kind of happens.¬†As does ending the night eating¬†Bagel Bites at 3 am.

Friday was gorgeous as well, and¬†my friends and I started the day off with brunch at, you guessed it, Hops N Scotch. I swear we don’t usually go to a restaurant three times in one weekend. This is not a thing we do. But I have no complaints because brunch was, as usual, perfect. My pancakes with strawberry ricotta kept me full all day, and we had a pretty nice view from our table.

The rest of the day was spent drinking iced coffee and¬†wandering around town with my roommate. The weather was perfection. Seriously, it needs to be sunny and 65 every day. Boston can totally just adapt San Diego’s weather on command, right?

I stayed in Saturday night to do work and get ready for¬†the week so that I could have Sunday funday¬†with one of my best friends. We took the T to the North End, which I had never really spent much time in before. After she showed me around a bit (I’m pathetic for never going there, I know), we settled down at bar’s patio for Sam Summers and to take in the stellar view.

sam summers

Candace Boston view

We ended the day at Mija¬†for some giant mango rum blended drinks and some delicious food. I ate an entire plate of short rib enchiladas (reminder: I’m 5’0 and weigh 90 lbs) and had no regrets. It was that good.

Mija drinks

All in all, it was kind of the perfect weekend, and while I didn’t exactly get the sleep I probably needed, I feel mentally refreshed for the work week. I’m hoping everyone else got to enjoy the weather this weekend and is feeling refreshed too. And if not, here’s some help:

keep calm and take ballet

Couldn’t help myself


caramel starbucks coffee

blueberry muffins

don't be like the rest of them

mason jar candles

do soemthing today

learn from your past...

Go outside and have a great Monday!




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