Blogging Vacation

Oh hey. If you’re part of the small group of friends, family, and the few people in Ireland and Japan that apparently read this blog, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted anything since May 2nd, and it consisted of one picture and no words. The title was one word. Seriously, who am I? I usually have to cut my blog posts way down to make them an acceptable length for recreational reading. And now I can’t write? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Not like I’ve been doing anything important. Except for drinking A LOT of Sam Summer  BECAUSE IT’S ALMOST SUMMER, YO! and watching excessive amounts of Sex and the City.

Carrie cheeseburger, fries, cosmo

Miranda on exes

Miranda cake

I always forget that it’s a laugh-out-loud show, and then I watch it and laugh so hard my stomach hurts. And yes, I’m obsessed with Miranda. I’m her, minus the wildly successful career, the cat, and the Ukrainian housekeeper.

So, um, I really don’t have much to say because I’ve mostly been reading an amazing book, which I’ll tell you about below, obviously breezing through the entire Sex and the City series, and working on my novel, which I can’t talk about because I dont’ want anyone to steal my brilliant, original ideas. In fact, the most exciting things I’ve done in the past few weeks have been buying a garlic press and balsamic glaze at Trader Joe’s. I’m really into planning recipes in my head, buying the tools and ingredients to make them, and then never actually it. It’s like, my thing right now.

Also, FYI, this blog will kind of transition from a lifestyle blog to, well, something that I can only describe as a collection of short nonfiction essays. Honestly, sometimes life gets weird and you have to try really hard to convince yourself that you’re NOT in a movie. Seriously, it gets challenging sometimes. But I’m done over thinking it and almost feeling ready to organize the scattered thoughts in my brain into tailored pieces of writing which, when I’m not so distracted, is easy for me. I’ll get my brain back soon. I can feel it. In the meantime, here is what I’ve learned in the past few weeks:

1. Per the aforementioned TV series: Fate is a thing. Sometimes a divorce, a friend bailing on a dinner date, or a disgusting meal at a trendy raw food restaurant can lead to something wonderful. Oh, and if you puke into sink when you realize someone is going to propose to you, you probably shouldn’t say yes. Unless you vomit when you’re happy. I don’t judge.

2. Vodka shots. No. Never. Ever again. Especially on a Tuesday night. After two beers. And no dinner.

3. THIS BOOK MUST BE READ BY ALL. I’m so into it.


 That’s literally it. I have like, eight partially written posts in my drafts, and I’m hoping to finish them soon. Have a great (short) week!

Bostonians, keep your chin up. This weather won’t last forever.



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