October Blogging Challenge

One of the things I miss most about college is Writing Prompts. I worked hard in my writing classes, but it was because I cared so much about my writing, so it felt less like work and more like fun. Not that I’m a blog writing wiz — I’m more of a structured nonfiction essay and fictional short story kind of girl. And though I sometimes sit up right as I’m about to fall asleep because a story idea has popped into my head, I often find myself with writer’s block (as I have recently), and sometimes I just need a prompt.

Once I declared my Creative Writing major freshman year, my new advisor was this writing professor who loved me so much she would recommend students who struggled in her classes to go to me for help. I took one of her nonfiction writing classes, which was one of my favorite classes like, ever, and she gave us some pretty unique prompts. For my favorite one, she told us to write a nonfiction story about a fictional situation where our parents had been arrested for smuggling girls from Togo for a hair-brading salon they used to launder money. Since I’m the biggest nerd in the world, I wrote two stories because I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go with. For my favorite of the two, I wrote about my fictional self driving through a snowstorm to the police station in an attempt to bail my parents out of jail. It was so. Fun.

In summary, I love prompts. When my brain can’t conjure an original idea, it just feels like a relief. Gracie, the author of the first blog I ever read, created a September Blogging Challenge, which I was sad that I missed out on because September went by SO FREAKING QUICKLY. And then, when I checked her blog this morning, I saw that she’d created an October Blogging Challenge. The little geek inside me got super excited and said, Thank God, a blogging prompt. Get on dis. And so, I am. It’s pretty basic stuff — kind of like answering questions, but it will push me to write every day. And, um, I kind of like talking about myself…

I’m still going to try to write honest and thought-provoking posts, as well as try to make this blog more legit, but, you know, baby steps.

First item on the list is

1. My goals for October

– Stay more focused at my job (I’m currently writing this post at my desk when I’m supposed to be doing research for my boss, so I’m off to a good start).

– Go to the gym more

– Try out one new recipe a week

– Start eating fruit again

– Watch more movies

– Use my credit card less (hahahahahahahaha)

– Use the margarita mix and pretty margarita glasses my mom bought me for my birthday to make margaritas

– Go out more. I’ve been so lame lately and spending my weekend nights binge-watching The Good Wife and fantasizing about Will Garnder. I just love a man with power.

– Make a serious dent in my novel

– Read more. I have a Pat Conroy book just sitting here, staring at me, calling for me, wanting my love.

– Look into some contractor proofreading/ editing jobs

– Blog more!

Welp, that’s it for now. Calendar reminders are going off on my laptop left and right so I guess that means I should start doing my job.

‘Till tomorrow.





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