Thankful Thursday

Since it’s raining and I happened to wake up with a pretty feisty headache this morning, the most writing I can handle is #2 on the October Blogging Challenge: Thankful Thursday. I saw this post series on Polish My Crown, the most positive blog I’ve ever read, so obviously her lists are extremely inspiring and gracious. I’m a bit more cynical, but still appreciative of all the good things in my life, blah, blah, blah. Back when I had just graduated and was suffering through the worst summer of my life, I grabbed a notebook and listed all the ways the real world trumped college. I had one item on the list: the food. Over two years later, my list is a bit bigger.

1. Those mornings when my coffee turns out perfect

2. My support system at work

3. My beautiful, cozy apartment

4. The area in which I live

5. My gym membership

6. EMLA cream

7. The greeting I get from my dog when she hasn’t seen me in while

8. Seeing how happy my dog is when she runs around the dog park down the street from my apartment without a leash, then having her actually run to me from across the park when I call her

9. All the J.P. Licks near me

10. Two of my best friends: my adorable, hilarious parents

11. Pandora

12. The Weather Channel app

13. Living directly across the street from a Walgreens


15. Uber

16. Grilled cheeses with bacon and tomato soup at Hops N Scotch

17. My pretty amazing friends who constantly make me laugh

18. The fact that there are so many items I could add to this list, but won’t because I don’t want to bore my readers

And with that, I’ll leave you with an incredible cookie recipe I found online because if you’re in Boston you’re cold and tired and saddened by the rain so you need some fresh-baked cookies, and if you’re somewhere with pleasant weather, well, cookies.

Photo compliments of Take a Megabite

Photo compliments of Take a Megabite


One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Those cookies are sooo you! You are sounding great these days!

    Your adorable hilarious MOM!

    Diane Trust
    Patient Services Administrator
    Neuroscience Nursing 9 Northwest
    (617) 355-8453

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