OBC: A Day in the Life

Ok, I know. I failed again and didn’t post anything yesterday. BUT IN MY DEFENSE I did write a post. It’s just, like, my day went something like this…

8. A Day in the Life

Boston, I don’t care if the temperatures creep up to the seventies in the afternoons — it’s fall. Or Autumn, if you’ve got your fancy pants on. I know this because I wore a beanie the other morning. Obviously, that means it’s official. Subsequently, I blame the seasonal shift for my recently amped-up struggles to get out of bed each morning. There seems to be something in the air that makes my head feel like The Sandman is sitting on it the moment my alarm goes off. My new routine is hitting the snooze button three times so that I’m lying in bed hating the world for approximately thirty minutes each morning before I sort of just roll over and put my legs out to avoid flopping on the floor like a beached whale, and instead standing up like a sort-of human.

In summary, my popping-out-of-bed-in-the-morning factor has decreased by several multiples.

So I got to work late, as I usually do nowadays. Aaaand I started writing a blog post, which of course I just scrapped in favor of this one. It was a slow morning work-wise, and like I said, the Sandman was getting real comfy on my head. FYI: he’s gained weight. I support seven accountants, yet all I did that morning was make a couple of lunch reservations and read an email from the Copy Center telling me they could not print the massive file I sent them for my boss. So now I have to print out a million pages. From different links. I’m not even kidding; this is what I get paid to do. So I was all, I’ll finish this blog post later because I’ll have nothing to do today.

And then the emails started coming. From my accountants, whom I love, but I just wasn’t feelin’ the whole doing-my-job thing that day.

And then I got a work award. I’m still not sure what I did to earn it, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Fun fact: when your boss shows you how much she appreciates you, it gives you more incentive to keep working. All energized from my award, I decided to, you know, assist my team. It became one of those perfect work days where I had enough to keep me busy for the rest of the day, but none of it was tedious. Of course, that’s where my poor blog felt extremely neglected. And when I got home I got right into bed and let my Hulu shows lull me to sleep.

And that’s the story of why I, once again, failed miserably at the one thing God put me on this Earth to do (writing– duh) and didn’t accomplish the simple task of publishing a blog post. But hey, look at that, I was able to write about a day in the life of an Audit Administrative Assistant without falling asleep. Whether or not you fell asleep reading this is questionable, but for the sake of my happiness I’ll pretend that no one did.

Wait, shouldn’t this post contain a lesson or nugget of wisdom of some sort and be, I don’t know, inspiring? Isn’t that why I started this blog? Um, ok, hold on:

you have everything you need within you

I knooooow, right? Blog of the Year.




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