OBC: 10 things most people don’t know about me

I like dis one.

1. I’m not afraid of heights. I took a trapeze lesson one summer at gymnastics camp and it was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had.

2. Video editing is one of my biggest passions.

3. Both of my dogs, Spenser and Parker, are named after Robert Parker’s Spenser novels, and I once met him when he did a guest appearance in The NutcrackerHe played the chestnut seller and handed me a bag of fake chesnuts in the opening scene. I never got to tell him about the impact he had on my family.

4. When I was five I fell out of my bed and split my head open on the radiator I hit on the way down. I had to get my head stapled shut and now my hair now grows at weird angles on that spot.

5. When I was three I sat on Drew Bledsoe’s lap while my dad interviewed him for an article he was writing.

6. My first role in The Nutcracker was a gingerbread cookie. In the scene, my arm got ripped off and eaten by a mouse.

7. I took steroids when I was younger and am now four inches taller than my doctors predicted I would be.

8. I have a jacket from the seventh grade that I still wear. A lot.

9. I had to have a plastic surgeon reconstruct my ear last year.

10. I have a massive crush on the lead singer of The Neighbourhood.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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