OBC 12: weekend highlights

I seem to have fallen into a weekend rut. Luckily it’s not a bad rut to be in: dinner with friends, bar, in bed for the entirely of the next day with TV, errands, TV. OH, and since I suck at keeping up with this challenge, here are my weekend highlights from LAST week.


My four best friends from college and I finally met up for dinner. This is especially pathetic because we all live with in one town of each other. It’s seriously insane how difficult it seems to meet up after living in the same building in college. Of course, we couldn’t walk up the street to get pumpkin beers and bacon grilled cheeses in college, so, one point for the real world. The plan was to go out after, but we were all exhausted and it was cold, so we went home and crawled into our beds instead. Sorry we’re not sorry.


It rained, so I hated the world. I spent the day in bed with The Good Wife until I dragged myself out and to Beacon Hill to hang out with my cousin, who just moved there. Aside from wearing a backpack while walking in heels to her place (warning: majorly uncomfortable for your lower back), it was a great night. We got takeout from an Italian restaurant across the street and laughed hysterically at Awkward Family Photos before heading a few doors down to the Beacon Hill Pub, where I befriended a group of guys and ran into a girl I did ballet with a million years ago. Meeting guys and running into someone from your past = the typicalist of all typical Boston nights.


Saw my Uber receipt from the night before. Proceeded to whimper. Tried to subdue my hangover with my hang over meal, bacon, egg, and cheese on a multigrain bagel from Dunkin. Wound up repeating Saturday and spending another day in bed watching TV. Not sure why I’m not writing complete sentences in this paragraph.

And since I’m so behind, I can even give you last weekend’s highlights:


– Dinner in Newton  with my best friends (at a restaurant that I will not disclose because that place is crowded enough!) where I had pumpkin cider for the first time. In a cinnamon-rimmed glass. Need I say more.


– Brunch with my mom where she had the most amazing breakfast sandwich known to man and I had food envy

– Spent the night at my parents’ house watching The Big Bang Theory with my dog while my parents were at a cocktail party


– Woke up to my dog hopping on my bed and kissing my face until I opened my eyes and gave her attention

– Amazing cinnamon sugar bagels from our favorite bagel shop

– My mom made Bolognese sauce which. Might have been the highlight of my entire weekend

Food is always the highlight of my weekends. It just always is.






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