OBC 16: Thankful Thursday

Yes, I’m way behind on this challenge, and no, it’s not Thursday.

But I’m still thankful for:

– Long phone calls with my mom

– Selfies that my dad emails me

– A great pizza/sandwich shop basically right below my apartment

– Pumpkin cider


– Bosses who randomly tell you you’re doing a really good job in the middle of a phone call

– My friends. Just, my friends

– Fall weather is kind of sort of starting to get here

– The Halloween costume my friend helped me pull together at the last minute

– The irony of my not being able to find my Waldo costume from last year.

– No rain this week 🙂

–  The fact that, despite the dozens of times I’ve dropped my phone, my phone case is still in tact

– Walking through Beacon Hill at night

– The free Starbucks drink I have on my app! (It’s the little things)

– Hot showers. They might be one of my favorite parts of life.

– The fact that I can somehow still do a double pirouette.

– Slow Mondays that allow me to catch up on blogging at work


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