Here’s what I wish: that I were at least in the middle of the petite sizes range so that petite clothes would fit me the way they’re supposed to fit. I’m technically in the petite height range (5’4 and under — and I’m very much in the “under” section), but I’m proportionate. People tend to think I’m obnoxious when I mention my measurements, but they seems to forget that I’m really short, so a 24-inch waist on me isn’t actually that small. I wind up having to get a lot of clothes altered, which gets expensive. I have an especially smaller waist, so finding pants that fit me properly, even in the petites section, is super challenging. Like this:

LOFT pants

Isn’t that nice? Her pants aren’t falling off her waist. I mean, it’s nice that they make shorter pants for shorter women, but I really wish they’d acknowledge the women who are thinner in the torso area as well as short, and make pants that are more narrow. And I won’t lie: sometimes even petite pants are too long, but I can usually find pants at LOFT that fit me length-wise.

And then there are dresses. Ugh, dresses. I really like sheath dresses, but those damn things are always too wide. Again, why leave out the girls with small waists? Why? See this dress:

LOFT Sweater dress

Now that’s a nice sweater dress. Doesn’t it look great on her? It wouldn’t on me. It would be way too long and loose on my torso. And have you any idea how difficult it is to alter a sweater dress? Ok, so I’ve never tried, but with my moderate sewing knowledge, I know it ain’t easy.

Not that I have a grudge against all clothing stores. H&M, Urban Outfitters, and LOFT usually accommodate me. But I still wish certain stores would create one size below 00 and XXS, for us way shorter ladies who simply want to avoid looking like a thug at work.

thug pants

And that, in short, is why I don’t share OOTDs on work days. I’m not quite there yet.

And OH! This makes me happy. Thanks, Natalie!


One thought on “OBC 17: OOTD

  1. Oh please, I remember when I had that problem. They didn’t even have petite sizes – only in “cocktail dresses”. Which you wouldn’t be caught dead in! No petite jeans or sweaters or any casual clothes. At least you have a mother who can use a sewing machine.



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