OBC 13: favorite childhood memories

I think one of the reasons I find adulthood so frustrating is that I had the perfect childhood: parents all to myself, an amazing dog, friends who all lived within a two-house radius of me, Nantucket vacations, Christmas AND Hanukkah each December. It was pretty charmed life, I must say. Sure, I’ve had experiences lately that have trumped my best childhood memories, but there’s just something about our experiences as kids that’s simply magical–they’re untainted by the harsh realities of the world that we learn at certain ages. Maybe that’s why our childhood memories mean to much to us: they’re a reminder of a time when we experienced pure happiness, and worry wasn’t yet a thing. Here are a few of mine that I’ll hold on to for as long as I can:

1. Christmas

My Christmases were one step above perfect. Every year, not only did eat A LOT of cookies open a ton of presents (my mom has a bit of a shopping addiction), but I got to spend the season performing in The Nutcracker. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat on a giant 10-foot moving couch in a mouse costume while playing with fake cheese on a stage in front of thousands of people. The years that I performed in the Christmas Eve matinees were the best Christmases I’ve ever had. Schedule: show at noon, tea at The Ritz with my parents and family friends who came to see me in the show every year, then home to watch It’s a Wonderful Life and eat cookies with my parents and dog.

2. Romeo and Juliet

Did I mention my favorite place in the entire world is a huge stage? Performing with Boston Ballet in Romeo and Juliet may have been the most incredible experience of my entire life. For the role of Street Children, we had a ton of stage time, and a couple of choreographed dances, but we got to improv for the rest of the street scenes. For me, the ballet essentially consisted of running around on stage with my best friend, stealing fake fruit and splashing each other with imaginary water from the fake well. My cousin was also in it with me, and sometimes we huddled together during sword-fighting scenes. Oh, and I had a “solo” where I got to be on stage  by myself for 8 counts. Best 8 seconds of my life.

3. Vacations in Nantucket

It’s not as obnoxiously spoiled as it sounds. Well, I mean, my friend and I may have spent many of my days poolside at a bistro on the beach, getting burgers and Shirley Temples brought to our lounge chairs. But, I mean, ok fine, I was spoiled.

4. Trips to Maine

Each summer, my family, which included my best friend, would take a day trip to Maine to visit my aunt and uncle. The waves at the beach were huge (somehow that was more fun than dangerous), but the best part was Yummy’s, the candy store we would stop at on the way back. The walls were lined with every candy you could ever imagine, and as a young child, that’s like, a big deal.

So, that’s a snippet of my perfect childhood. Maybe I’ll never experience the innocence of being blissfully happy about a My Size Barbie, but I’ll always have those memories. Ew. I just said that. I’m done.


OBC 12: weekend highlights

I seem to have fallen into a weekend rut. Luckily it’s not a bad rut to be in: dinner with friends, bar, in bed for the entirely of the next day with TV, errands, TV. OH, and since I suck at keeping up with this challenge, here are my weekend highlights from LAST week.


My four best friends from college and I finally met up for dinner. This is especially pathetic because we all live with in one town of each other. It’s seriously insane how difficult it seems to meet up after living in the same building in college. Of course, we couldn’t walk up the street to get pumpkin beers and bacon grilled cheeses in college, so, one point for the real world. The plan was to go out after, but we were all exhausted and it was cold, so we went home and crawled into our beds instead. Sorry we’re not sorry.


It rained, so I hated the world. I spent the day in bed with The Good Wife until I dragged myself out and to Beacon Hill to hang out with my cousin, who just moved there. Aside from wearing a backpack while walking in heels to her place (warning: majorly uncomfortable for your lower back), it was a great night. We got takeout from an Italian restaurant across the street and laughed hysterically at Awkward Family Photos before heading a few doors down to the Beacon Hill Pub, where I befriended a group of guys and ran into a girl I did ballet with a million years ago. Meeting guys and running into someone from your past = the typicalist of all typical Boston nights.


Saw my Uber receipt from the night before. Proceeded to whimper. Tried to subdue my hangover with my hang over meal, bacon, egg, and cheese on a multigrain bagel from Dunkin. Wound up repeating Saturday and spending another day in bed watching TV. Not sure why I’m not writing complete sentences in this paragraph.

And since I’m so behind, I can even give you last weekend’s highlights:


– Dinner in Newton  with my best friends (at a restaurant that I will not disclose because that place is crowded enough!) where I had pumpkin cider for the first time. In a cinnamon-rimmed glass. Need I say more.


– Brunch with my mom where she had the most amazing breakfast sandwich known to man and I had food envy

– Spent the night at my parents’ house watching The Big Bang Theory with my dog while my parents were at a cocktail party


– Woke up to my dog hopping on my bed and kissing my face until I opened my eyes and gave her attention

– Amazing cinnamon sugar bagels from our favorite bagel shop

– My mom made Bolognese sauce which. Might have been the highlight of my entire weekend

Food is always the highlight of my weekends. It just always is.





OBC 11: what/ who inspires you most

gettin some air

Ugh ugh ugh. 10 days late? I’m not exactly sure why publishing a post every day (or even remotely frequently) has been such a challenge for me, but I guess that’s what happens when you just DON’T SLEEP EVER and get swamped at work. Again, I’ve totally been writing every day, my bosses just crush me with work immediately after I finish a post and I don’t have time to edit. Excuses, excuses.

So, sometimes I mistake motivation for inspiration. As an artist, I rely on inspiration to drive the work I’m passionate about. I use motivation to do work I’m not passionate about. When I don’t feel like doing my job administrative audit work, that’s lack of motivation. When I can’t write, that’s lack of inspiration. Yet, here I sit at work, groaning over Excel spreadsheets, planning to watch some sort of ballet variation or music video on YouTube because, as I tell myself, “I’m feeling uninspired.”

As we get older and gain responsibility, we tend to focus more on what we have to do and neglect what we want to do. Sure, we have our obligations, like going to work every morning, paying our bills, and taking care of whomever might depend on us (thankfully for me that’s just myself). More often than not, I’ll hear people say, “I have no motivation to ______.” But should we really spend our lives searching only for motivation, to find that little spark of physical energy within ourselves that will push us to do what we need to do? Why can’t we spend the majority of our time searching for inspiration that allows us to do what we want to do? Becoming self-sufficient is great and all, but we can’t lose ourselves in the necessities. I was constantly inspired in school, when my work consisted of reading novels and writing my own essays, poems, and fiction. In high school, I was even more inspired daily when I spent numerous hours at Boston Ballet. I was always peeking into the higher level classes to watch more advanced dancers, and when I was lucky enough to dance in a professional ballet, I studied the company dancers as much as possible in rehearsal and from the wings. But today, I spend my days around accountants, who are awesome, but I cannot, for the life of me, become inspired here. It is my opinion that inspiration should be as much a part of life as coffee and oxygen, and currently I’m working on finding mine again. Here’s my list of what has always inspired me:

1. My mom

Her job title is Administrative Coordinator, but as a mom she’s a chef, an interior designer, accountant,  stylist, and professional landscaper. I seriously don’t know how she does everything she does while working 40 hours a week. She also loves me more than anyone in the world ever has, except maybe my dad, and I’m in awe at how she is able to show me that every day.

2. My dad

My mom is a realist, but my dad is a dreamer. He has had his dream job for decades, and never stops talking about his passions (Ted Williams, photography, possible no-hitters). When I experience rare moments when I think, anything is possible, it’s because of him.

3. Books

I can’t not rush to my laptop to work on my novel while I’m reading a good book. If I hadn’t read so many amazing books, I wouldn’t be able to write anything. Though she only has a few published works, Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the authors that inspires me the most. And quantum theory lit (bet you didn’t know that was a thing) novels are incredible. Paul Auster is a fantastic author, and I’m incredibly inspired by his writing’s ability to cater to its readers.

4. Talented dancers

Again, I’m a writer, so I possess the skill of expressing almost anything through writing, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to describe the way I felt when I danced. I can, however, always tell when a dancer feels that way, because, to me at least, it’s visible in her dancing. I mean, let’s be real: Maddie Ziegler is one of the most inspiring dancers I’ve ever seen — and she’s eleven! If she had been famous when I was a young , aspiring dancer, I probably would have watched YouTube videos of her every day and improved because of it. And of course, any good ballet variation (these two are my favorites: 1. 2.) leaves me feeling like the world is a bit more beautiful.

I’m getting mushy. I should probably stop now.

Here’s hoping you all have some inspiration in your lives!

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OBC: 10 things most people don’t know about me

I like dis one.

1. I’m not afraid of heights. I took a trapeze lesson one summer at gymnastics camp and it was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had.

2. Video editing is one of my biggest passions.

3. Both of my dogs, Spenser and Parker, are named after Robert Parker’s Spenser novels, and I once met him when he did a guest appearance in The NutcrackerHe played the chestnut seller and handed me a bag of fake chesnuts in the opening scene. I never got to tell him about the impact he had on my family.

4. When I was five I fell out of my bed and split my head open on the radiator I hit on the way down. I had to get my head stapled shut and now my hair now grows at weird angles on that spot.

5. When I was three I sat on Drew Bledsoe’s lap while my dad interviewed him for an article he was writing.

6. My first role in The Nutcracker was a gingerbread cookie. In the scene, my arm got ripped off and eaten by a mouse.

7. I took steroids when I was younger and am now four inches taller than my doctors predicted I would be.

8. I have a jacket from the seventh grade that I still wear. A lot.

9. I had to have a plastic surgeon reconstruct my ear last year.

10. I have a massive crush on the lead singer of The Neighbourhood.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

OBC: ThrowbackThursday

I’m sort of trying to figure out what constitutes a “throwback.” But I don’t have enough time for philosophical thoughts, so photo dump it is.


Life Phase: I’m the hottest 13 year-old in New England and I in no way look like an 11 year-old boy.

Going back even further.


Life Phase: Cute!

Ok, back to work. Because that’s what every twenty something should spend their days doing 😉




OBC: A Day in the Life

Ok, I know. I failed again and didn’t post anything yesterday. BUT IN MY DEFENSE I did write a post. It’s just, like, my day went something like this…

8. A Day in the Life

Boston, I don’t care if the temperatures creep up to the seventies in the afternoons — it’s fall. Or Autumn, if you’ve got your fancy pants on. I know this because I wore a beanie the other morning. Obviously, that means it’s official. Subsequently, I blame the seasonal shift for my recently amped-up struggles to get out of bed each morning. There seems to be something in the air that makes my head feel like The Sandman is sitting on it the moment my alarm goes off. My new routine is hitting the snooze button three times so that I’m lying in bed hating the world for approximately thirty minutes each morning before I sort of just roll over and put my legs out to avoid flopping on the floor like a beached whale, and instead standing up like a sort-of human.

In summary, my popping-out-of-bed-in-the-morning factor has decreased by several multiples.

So I got to work late, as I usually do nowadays. Aaaand I started writing a blog post, which of course I just scrapped in favor of this one. It was a slow morning work-wise, and like I said, the Sandman was getting real comfy on my head. FYI: he’s gained weight. I support seven accountants, yet all I did that morning was make a couple of lunch reservations and read an email from the Copy Center telling me they could not print the massive file I sent them for my boss. So now I have to print out a million pages. From different links. I’m not even kidding; this is what I get paid to do. So I was all, I’ll finish this blog post later because I’ll have nothing to do today.

And then the emails started coming. From my accountants, whom I love, but I just wasn’t feelin’ the whole doing-my-job thing that day.

And then I got a work award. I’m still not sure what I did to earn it, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Fun fact: when your boss shows you how much she appreciates you, it gives you more incentive to keep working. All energized from my award, I decided to, you know, assist my team. It became one of those perfect work days where I had enough to keep me busy for the rest of the day, but none of it was tedious. Of course, that’s where my poor blog felt extremely neglected. And when I got home I got right into bed and let my Hulu shows lull me to sleep.

And that’s the story of why I, once again, failed miserably at the one thing God put me on this Earth to do (writing– duh) and didn’t accomplish the simple task of publishing a blog post. But hey, look at that, I was able to write about a day in the life of an Audit Administrative Assistant without falling asleep. Whether or not you fell asleep reading this is questionable, but for the sake of my happiness I’ll pretend that no one did.

Wait, shouldn’t this post contain a lesson or nugget of wisdom of some sort and be, I don’t know, inspiring? Isn’t that why I started this blog? Um, ok, hold on:

you have everything you need within you

I knooooow, right? Blog of the Year.



OBC Catch-up


I think a few days ago I promised to blog every day, fully intending to follow through. And then I spent all of Friday frantically pulling expense reports together at work before celebrating the end of the week by getting dinner with my friends, where I proceeded to eat a massive brisket sandwich and all the waffle fries. And there may have been some rum. And Fireball. And beer. Again, whoops.  Consequently, I came down with a hangover, and there went my Saturday. At least I got to spend it in bed with Will Gardner 😉

Will business

I don’t really have excuses for Sunday and Monday except that Sunday I was too restless to sit still after spending all of Saturday in bed and yesterday I was too tired because, hi, Monday.

I’m actually a little sleepy this morning because I was up last night mentally writing an insightful post, so hopefully I’ll have something thought-provoking up soon. But I’m officially awake and focused enough to continue on with the October Blogging Challenge I set out to complete, so here’s what I missed:

3. OOTD: I actually really hate myself in photos, so I didn’t even take one of my outfit on Friday. Instead, I decided to be creative and write this whole post about transitioning from a college wardrobe to business attire (recounting the time I cried in an Ann Taylor LOFT dressing room when I tried on a blazer for the first time), and then I never posted it and it’s too long to lump in with the other items on the list in this post. AND THEN I took a picture of myself on Sunday in leggings and a t-shirt and riding boots because that’s my ideal outfit but, again, hated the picture too much to post it online. But just to sort of complete this item, today I’m wearing a maroon and navy striped shirt with this pretty blue jeweled collar thing from J.Crew (from a phase called, “Mom buys expensive clothes for Molly,”) and a beige pencil skirt from H&M. I tried to take a selfie of the shirt but it looked like I was just posting a picture of my chest, which felt awkward at best.

4. Explain the story behind your blog name: This one is easy. College was awesome, mostly because I spent four years living amongst hundreds of people my age who all just wanted to have fun. And then I graduated and felt like I’d been catapulted off of a cliff with no parachute or umbrella or anything else one might use to keep from smashing into a rock in that situation. Everything about being out of college made me uncomfortable. I had to use my own money to pay rent. I had a commute. I had to work eight hours straight, and that work didn’t consist of writing. Guys I didn’t know approached me at bars. And my friends didn’t all live in the same building as I. The way I see it, when you’re in college, you’re a college student, and when you graduate you’re a twenty-something, and as a twenty-something, I’ve had a lot of problems that seem to be specific to my age bracket. Truth be told, I came up with some other names first that I liked a lot more, and when I realized they were all taken, I started singing “I Got 99 Problems” and joked that I should call my blog, “I Got Twenty Something Problems.” The URL igottwentysomethingproblems.com didn’t already exist, so I just used it, hoping that maybe people would stumble across my blog whilst googling the lyrics to the song. Honestly, though, I do want to change it at some point. Do people do that?

5. Your top 5 favorite movies: Gah, this is hard because while I love movies, I’m more of a TV show person. I feel like I’m going to be judged hard-core here.

To Kill a Mocking Bird (I always bawl like a baby during the last scene for unknown reasons)


Crazy, Stupid, Love

The Hours (it’s a film adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, which I know because I compared the book to the movie in my college senior seminar final paper…and because I’m bursting with nerdiness)

Little Miss Sunshine

6. Six pet peeves you have

– Loud gum chewers

– Slow walkers

– The misuse of the subjunctive — it’s not, “If I was you,” it’s, “If I were you.” YOU NEVER WERE THE OTHER PERSON SO YOU CAN’T SAY, “I WAS.”

– The Kardashians

– People who interrupt me in the middle of a sentence with something that has nothing to do with what I’m saying

– People on the T who fall over because they refuse to hold on to the poles

7. Seven lessons you’ve learned so far this year (oh boy) *The following is a condensed list of the one in this post

– Do not base your trust of a man (tall, short, athletic, nerdy–any man) on what he says. Do pay attention to his actions; those will give you a better sense of how he really feels about you.

– On a similar note, don’t go to a bar the night of Valentine’s Day.

– If you get a stain on a white, dry-clean-only dress, do not immediately douse the stain with water.

– Your boss isn’t always right. Sometimes you’re right.

– Don’t pass up an awesome job opportunity simply because its salary is slightly below your current one. If the employers really like you, they might match it.

– Finding a roommate on Craigslist isn’t as horrifying as it seems.

– Scoop Ben & Jerry’s into a bowl before you eat it, rather than attacking it with a spoon straight from the carton like you’re Mindy Lahiri and you’ve just gotten dumped. Yes, it took me twenty-five years to learn this.

mindy sour straws

Alright, well, if you got through all of that, thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll publish shorter posts each day from now on. Oh, and if you have any remarks on my weirdness or want to answer any of my retorical questions, feel free to post a comment!